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Company overview

Consulting organization in Financial Analytics-Gurgaon based

Job description

Years of experience: 3-7 Years
What we define as Relevant Work Experience:
Candidate needs to have hands-on, expert level experience in building sophisticated predictive models. This needs to have been one of their primary job responsibilities, so that they should have done it multiple times. They should also have done this with large datasets (millions of rows) and in situations where they had to evaluate different scorecards, had to conduct variable reduction, etc
We have a strong preference for candidates who have done the above in the financial services sector (banks, credit cards, lending firms). This preference becomes stronger as years of experience increases
We are not interested in candidates who have done predictive modeling only through coursework (whether on campus or via online methods)
We are also not interested in candidates who havent developed models themselves, but are users/reviewers of predictive models
We are not interested in candidates whose primary exposure to Analytics is limited to BI/Dash boarding/Visualization
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Lead analytical thought process and delivery on projects:
- Lead brainstorming sessions, create analytical plan, provide guidance to junior team members, identify value creation areas, evaluate predictive models & algorithms, pressure test approaches & outcomes, be responsible for quality control
2. Own client communication and project delivery:
- Front-end the relationship with clients, craft the overall story, make presentations to clients, liaise with client team members, ensure smooth delivery of projects, be the goto person for one/more projects
3. Drive growth of people and of the firm:
- Supervise the work of others, provide career mentorship to junior team members, be involved in hiring activities, lead internal R&D projects, and identify internal innovation areas
Additional Requirement:
The candidate will likely be required to travel to USA/Australia (usually 1-2 weeks every 1-2 months)
1. Education: Tier 1 engineering and economics / commerce colleges (e.g. Top IITs, BITS Pilani, SRCC, LSR). Also open to "Tier 2" engineering colleges or "Tier 2" business schools if rest of the profile is superlative. We are fine with Tier 1 MBA schools but in our experience the compensation expectations are usually not well aligned in such scenarios
2. Tools & Skills:
Expert Level at Database querying tools (such as SQL / SAS) and at MS-Excel
Intermediate/Expert at developing predictive models (e.g. linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, etc)

Additional information

Interested candidates can E-Mail there CV at sandeep.j@rgf-professional.com within 10 days of job posting.

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