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Company overview

Lindström Group

Textile service company Lindström strengthens the company image of its customers. Our services support the daily operations of customers, providing the best value on the market. Lindström is a responsible corporate citizen and a respected employer. Lindström is the employer of 4000 people in Europe and in Asia. The group turnover was €358 million in 2017.

Lindström’s services consist of workwear, mat, personal protective equipment, washroom, restaurant textile and shop towel services.

In addition to the parent company Lindström Oy, the group consists of Comforta Oy and subsidiaries in Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Job description

 Manage a team of customer service personnel (Customer Service Representative and Account Representative)
 Customer Service / Care activities including receivables (payment collection from all clients on regular basis)
 Additional Sales
 Follow-up and analysis of the operational targets and results
 Annual planning
 Organizing, development and control of the customer service operations according to the business concept/model
 Recruitment of the personnel
 Organising customer orientation on usage and handling of the garments
 Implementation of E Lindstrom at the customer site
 Updating of records in related Customer service software (Proteus)
 Dispatch of Garments.
 Inventory Management of used garments


 Natural prerequisites for leadership and management: will and ability
 Encouraging leader and a decisive manager when needed
 Resistance to stress
 Patience
 Preferable few years experience of (team leadership)/ process management
 Ability to analyse information and to implement it into the development of the operations
 Ability to react and act quickly
 Ability to organise
 Good service attitude and ability to influence to others
 Ability to do independent and systematic work
 Prior experience in Customer relations
 Service Industry experience is preferred.
 Multitasking
 Minimum 6 to 8 yrs experience

Additional information

 Customer Service operations in accordance with the Corporate Operations Manual
 Managing Customer satisfaction survey
 Human Resource Management
 Implementation of the Company Values, Mission, Vision and Strategic options

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