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Design Managers have the responsibility of managing interior designers, draftsmen, and  inter-department coordination. They are extremely innovative, artistic and creative  people. Managers often collaborate on projects with their colleagues, delegate tasks and  check for design quality and consistency. Managers also meet with clients and guide  designers to close the designs.    A Design Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:     ● Managing design in projects   ● Maintaining Bonito design language  ● Planning the design at the start of the project  ● Reviewing all the designs before the client meeting  ● Reviewing the estimate  ● Managing the timeline  ● Review 2D drawings  ● Design review at the site  ● Collaborating with team members   ● Meeting customers   ● Mentoring team members   ● Attending meetings   ● Conducting presentation   ● Evaluating performance  ● Creating concepts        Skills  ● Creative and innovative  ● Strong design understanding   ● Proficient with market design standards  ● Good technical understanding  ● Strong leadership  ● Problem-solving  ● Being able to communicate proficiently   ● Managing conflicts   ● Mentoring team  ● Project management  
● Planning   ● Time management   ● Being attentive to details   ● Listening to critiques  ● Presentation skill  ● Great Customer handling skill    Tools  ● Sketch up  ● Autocad  ● Rendering software  ● Adobe Photoshop  ● MS office


Graduation in Interior design/ Architecture   ● Minimum 5 years of relevant experience

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