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Company overview

About Amplus:
Amplus Solar a leader in providing distributed solar and energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers in India. Amplus owns and manages a portfolio of operational and under-construction plants of approximately 250 MW, serving more than 30 customers at over 300 locations. Amplus was incorporated by Sanjeev Aggarwal (IIMA 93-95) [CEO] and Guru Inder Singh [COO] in 2013. It is backed by leading Oil & Gas company Petronas headquartered in Malaysia. Amplus also bagged a part of the World Bank debt facility of $625 Mn for rooftop plants in India. It is worth noting that this financial backing helps us grow fast and create long-lived assets for our business clients (unlike some internet startups where a large part of funding is used to acquire customers). Amplus employs more than 200 people with offices in 5 major cities across India and has the largest dedicated team of experienced professionals in the rooftop and distributed generation segment.
Amplus is dedicated to the distributed (rooftop) sector and has a unique advantage of understanding this space as compared to other leading players. The company specializes in rooftop solar power plants for on-building rooftops, car parks, and open spaces within the premises on Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) basis and is an end-to-end solution provider – including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance. The USP of the company is its business model- delivering immediate, risk-free savings with no investment from the customer or any hassle of operations or maintenance, combined with full attention to their needs. The company strives to create value for its customers through efficiencies in development, financing, construction and operation of distributed solar energy projects across the country.
Amplus has a diverse portfolio of clients including manufacturing organizations across Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Pharma, Food processing, etc. as well as commercial establishments like Retail chains, Educational institutes, Hospitals & Healthcare, Office buildings, Malls etc.
Amplus Solar is also a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization. You may read more about us on our website:

Job description

Position Summary:
This position is primarily responsible to ensure the most optimized & best in industry Electrical Design & Engineering for Solar PV Plants including detailed Engineering of DC Electrical, AC Electrical, various Electrical protection schemes and Plant communication system. This position will also be responsible for resolution of various technical issues/comments raised by Client, Project and Operation teams.
Position Responsibility:
1) Accountable for Electrical Design and Engineering of Ground Mounted Solar PV Plants from start to end including technical specification of various equipment, review of technical offers, offers tabulation, review of vendor Engineering documents, vendor development (technical), project state inspections, assistance for Installation and commissioning of Projects.
2) To design the best in class and lowest possible losses with best possible PR.
3) To assist Business development team in terms of technical aspects, expected generation numbers, expected PR, tentative layouts, SLDs and Bill of material.
4) To present technical proposals to the Client, resolving technical queries of client.
5) Conducting site visits and preparing site visit reports including site pictures, details of existing system and possibilities of integration of Solar PV System.
6) To develop shading layout, array layout, grouping layout, Earth layout, LA layout, cable route etc.
7) Sizing calculations for Fuses, Circuit breakers, Transformer, HT panels, BUSBAR, AC/DC Cables, UPS, Battery bank, auxiliary system etc.
8) Engineering calculations for String sizing, Optimum pitch & tilt, DC & AC equipment earthing system, Lightning arrestors, illumination system, AC/DC cable voltage drop etc.
9) Preparation of DC, AC and communication cable schedule.
10) To prepare technical specifications and RFP for various Electrical Equipment.
11) To prepare detailed BoM for complete Solar PV Plant.
12) SCADA system design, development and implementation.
13) Vendor Products vetting, vendor product development and application engineering.
14) Design of adequate protection schemes.


Desired Knowledge/Skills:
1) Experienced in Detailed Engineering of PV Plants – Grid connected/Off-Grid systems.
2) Must be working in Solar Industry from at least past 5 years.
3) Candidate must be very clear about fundamentals of electrical system and well versant with Indian & international codes & standards for Electrical Design & Engineering.
4) In-depth knowledge of industry standards in guarantees with respect to generation/performance of the solar power plants.
5) Knowledge of Grid Codes, Transient analysis and evacuation analysis with respect to connection of large plants to the Grid.
6) Must be an active team player and able to deliver results within stipulated timeline.
7) Knowledge of equipment used in Solar PV Plant. Inverters, PV Modules, Transformer, HT Panels, Relays, cables, communication system etc.
8) Must be able to understand issue, able to perform root cause analysis and its successful resolution.
9) Must be expert in PVSyst, Helioscope and AutoCAD.

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Level – AM / Manager
Location – Bangalore

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