Salary: Open
Employment Type: Permanent
Industry: Technology/Online
Sub-industry: Platforms
Function: C-level Executive & Senior Management

Company Overview

Hiring for a leading  online   education   platform   building   the   careers   of   tomorrow   by   offering   the   most 
 industry-relevant   programs   in   an   immersive   learning   experience.

Job Description

Roles   and   Responsibilities: 
 ● Help   define   Technical   Roadmap   and   own   the   entire   product   delivery   end   to   end. 
 ● Work   very   closely   with   Product   Management   and   cross-functional   teams   to   drive   the   execution 
 of   multiple   product   roadmap 
 ● Deliver   end   to   end   applications   from   front   end   web   development,   mobile   development,   back 
 end   development,   middleware   integration   and   persisting   data   in   no   SQL   or   RDBMS   databases. 
 ● Lead   a   culture   of   innovation   and   experimentation,   support   full   software   development   life   cycle 
 that   incorporates   the   best   of   technology   approaches   and   delivery   methodologies. 
 ● Leverage   your   technical   depth   as   a   technologist   to   push   your   team   towards   a   high   standard   of 
 technical   excellence   and   achieve   the   organization's   quality   bar. 
 ● Build   a   highly   skilled   and   efficient   team   by   hiring,   keeping   the   team   motivated,   and   managing 
 ● Build   a   culture   of   agile   development,   continuous   improvement,   and   a   strong   sense   of   product 
 ● Drive   a   culture   of   high   quality   at   all   stages   by   leveraging   CI/CD   and   automation. 
 ● Identify   architectural   issues   and   plans   to   resolve   them. 
 ● Proactively   identify   risks   and   define   mitigations   plans. 
 ● Prioritize   to   manage   ad-hoc   requests   in   parallel   with   ongoing   projects. 


Skills   and   Experience: 
 ● Proven   experience   in   building   high-performance   teams   and   scalable   best-practices   in   an 
 SaaS/Online/Enterprise   Product   engineering   organizations 
 ● 5+   years   of   experience   mentoring   and   leading   teams.   At   least   2   years   of   experience   as   a   second 
 level   manager   handling   teams   of   25+   engineers. 
 ● Strong   technical   aptitude   and   proven   experience   in   architecture,   design,   and   delivery   of 
 data-intensive   applications. 
 ● Must   have   experience   in   cloud-native   application   patterns   and   tools,   microservices   architectures 
 and   web   application   frameworks   (React,   Java,   Spring   Boot,   Django,   Flask),   application   migrations 
 to   any   cloud   platform. 
 ● Experience   with   CI/CD   processes   and   design   for   testability . 
 ● The   ability   to   envision   the   future   engineering   needs   of   the   company   –   Plan   and   implement 
 accordingly   The   creativity   to   do   things   differently. 
 ● Excellent   logical   and   problem-solving   skills. 
 ● Ability   to   organize,   prioritize   and   schedule   a   high   workload   and   multiple   parallel   projects 
 ● Excellent   verbal   and   written   communication   with   stakeholders   in   a   matrixed   environment. 
 ● Long   term   experience   with   at   least   one   product   from   inception   to   completion   and   evolution   of 
 the   product   over   multiple   years. 
 ● Experience   working   with   big   data   technologies   such   as   Spark/Storm/Hadoop/Data   Lake 
 Architectures   is   a   big   plus. 
 ● Experience   working   with   mobile   technologies   is   a   plus. 
Qualifications : 
B.Tech/MCA   (IT/Computer   Science)   from   a   premier   institution   (IIT/NIT/BITS)   and/or   a   US   Master's   degree 
 in   Computer   Science. 
Years   Of   Experience:   
 12+   years

Job reference: JO-210206-247949

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